Sadistic Pedophile – Why Your Child Won’t Admit They Were Molested

Sadistic pedophile

Introducing Sadistic Pedophile

In all my creative and experiential capacity I can think of only three ways to protect your child from a sadistic pedophile.

1) Never ever leave your child’s side
2) Arm your child with a gun
3) Prepare your child for the unfathomable

You see, as some quibble and fret over using terms like penis and vagina in front of their child – hoping a name change will camouflage the sexual connection with those organs – the Sadistic pedophile relishes assaulting your child with the most brutal and shocking language (and physical abuse) imaginable. They will torture a child’s mind and body and their veracity will not be questioned by your child because no one child has ever been warned that such a monster could possibly exist.

And the most mind-boggling aspect about this is, sadistic pedophiles are usually family members and close acquaintances!


In the previous post it was discussed how parents will “toddlerize” terms for sex organs and generally censor any discussions that may have to do with sexual activity. This strategy is one they employ in order to preserve their child’s innocence. Or at least that is their intent. Afterall, sex is an adult issue and if we can keep them away from the knowledge of it then we keep their curiosity at bay… and we protect them, right? Let me inform you of a breed of predator that will utterly destroy not only your child’s innocence, but most likely destroy their perception of “safety” in this world for as long as they live.

Sadism is the derivation of pleasure as a result of inflicting pain or watching pain inflicted on others. The most perverse form of this is when the victims are the most innocent among us… children and pets.

As a parent, I have been very conscious about the level of violence I allow my children to watch on TV or in movies. There is far too much gratuitous violence added by Hollywood as entertainment frosting. But that doesn’t mean I have shielded my children from all unpleasant reality. They are educated about Hitler and have seen photographs of the concentration camps. Why? Because I want them to know there is real evil in the world that isn’t quelled within 60-90 minute by some handsome actor with perfect teeth in some fictitious plot. They also know about war and that the result of war is men killing other men. Why? Because they have family members as well as parents of school friends in the armed services, and it’s important for them appreciate the sacrifice others are making / have made for our country and freedom.

Stop Child Predators

And they also know of Sadistic Pedophile… because knowing of its existence may be the only leverage I can give them to escape the hell this monster could inflict upon them.

When sadistic pedophile threatens to cut the head off the puppy or slaughter the entire family unless the child submits and promises afterwards never to tell… the child takes them at their word. When they abuse the child, partially suffocating or choking them, torturing their body and committing acts like rape and sodomy — when they carry out this reality upon the child, is there any reason for the child to doubt all the violent, threatening rhetoric they then use to keep them silent? Of course they won’t question whether the pedophile is serious in their threats. Of course your child will keep silent! Your child has no inkling that you can save them. They are trying to save YOU by keeping silent!


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